Monday, July 14, 2008

Still Alive

It has been forever since we have posted but good news.... we are still alive!!! We are currently at the Extended Stay in Syracuse, N.Y. It is so green and beautiful here in the Northeast. We always enjoy our time back here.
Lately it has been feeling like Ground Hog Day for us as we get up, go to the golf course, hit the gym, and come back to the hotel for a little R&R before we do the same thing again the next day. But we are going to mix it up a little this week as we are planning on going to Palmyra for the day. The Hill Cumorah Pagents are going on this week so we thought we would take the oppunity to go and see it. We will let you know how it is!
As for the golf, well the month of June was not one we would like to repeat. Luckily we are on to July now and headed for success! We finished 16th in Connecticut last week and look to improve on it this week.


Mauri said...

Hey I saw you on Dylan & Tiffany's blog! Are you guys coming back to AZ anytime soon? PS I decided I want to learn how to play golf because I saw a super cute pink golf bag @ the PGA superstore haha!! That's more reason to learn right there because I suck haha!

Katie said...

Glad to get an update! Hope you are doing well! We sure miss you!